Loot finder


Define your desired minimum amount of Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir & Trophies and let Loot Finder find a suitable village for you!






Loot Finder will handle the tedious search for you!

Just define how much loot your enemy should have, start CoC, press "Play" & lean bachồng. You will be notified when it"s time for your attack!


While the tìm kiếm is doing its work you can put your phone aside & vì chưng whatever you want - watch TV, Gaming, housework, homework, your job, ... even for hours, if necessary.


No root required và no unnecessary permissions requested! Loot Finder is no Mod, no Cheat và no Hack!


The higher your preferred loot is mix, the longer the expected waiting time will be - but the waiting will be worth it and you don"t have sầu lớn waste time looking at your phone all the time.

Completely free

Completely không lấy phí without any restrictions. No registering needed. Just install the phầm mềm & you are ready lớn start!

Install the Loot Finder App

First things first - just install & start the App. Once it"s started, the App will lead you lớn some preferences you have sầu khổng lồ phối. This is only a one-time process & there is no registration needed.

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Configure your wishes

Once you are ready lớn go, just configure everything as you lượt thích it! Configure how many loot your enemy should have sầu & phối up your preferred notification-sound, vibration and display-brightness setting for saving energy.

Start CoC

Ready for some action? Good! Start CoC (comfortable from inside our App, if you want), tìm kiếm for an enemy by pressing "Attack!" và "Find a Match", và press the "Play"-Button of Loot Finder.

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Wait for a match

The enemy-tìm kiếm is now running và pressing "Next" automatically until a suitable village is found. When there is a match you will be notified & the search stops - time for your attack!Hint: of course you can stop the tìm kiếm process at any time - just tap the screen anywhere & it stops immediately.

Developed by a Team that loves CoC like you do!

We are not only software-developers, but also fellow Clashers for ourselves! Starting in 2013, we were looking for a cool Game to lớn play on a Tablet - & oh boy, we had no idea how things will turn out! We loved playing CoC, & still vì chưng with pretty solid Townhalls Lvl 12, but one thing annoyed us: staring at the clouds. Someone had to lớn vị something against it - AND SO WE DID!

Ready to lớn get some loot?

Then cliông chồng one of the download-buttons below & prepare yourself for some super-efficient attacks!

We are constantly developing Loot Finder for a better performance. Your purchase allows us to lớn implement more features and functions in the future!

System requirements for Loot Finder: Android 7.0 or higher

Hint for Xiaomi-Users:If you are facing problems so the App is only working once, please try lớn configure the following settings: Settings -> Battery và Performance -> Power -> App Battery Saver -> Search Loot Finder -> Set to No restrictions Settings -> Permissions -> Autostart -> Search Loot Finder and toggle "on" Settings -> Other Permissions -> Search Loot Finder -> Enable Modify System settings + show on lock screen + start in background now deactivate Loot Finder in the Accessibility Settings và restart the App Now it should work on all Xiaomi-Devices as well.
Any questions, feedback or need some help?

Please vị not hesitate khổng lồ liên hệ us! We will try to answer your email as soon as possible and normally within 24 hours.

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