Blade & soul is getting its unreal engine 4 upgrade on september 8


NCSoft revealed today that Blade và Soul, the free-to-play mythological martial arts themed MMORPG, will receive sầu the highly awaited Unreal Engine 4 update on September 8th across North American và European servers.

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The Unreal Engine 4 update will bring improved graphics & performance over the previous Unreal Engine 3 version.

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Even load times and lag should be reduced.

With two sharp blades that move at lightning tốc độ, players will be able to lớn slice và dice their way through any combat situation. Embodying the definition of “the best defense is a good offense,” the Dual Blade uses agile movement and relentless attacks to incapacitate enemies. Mastery of the Dual Blade class is poetry in motion, as smooth, fluid combos will bring them to lớn the crossroads of life và death.
Piông chồng your winning stance or cycle through them all & keep your enemy guessing on your next move sầu. Attaông chồng with both blades facing forward, then charge with both blades facing backward & finish the deal with blades swinging opposite directions.

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Summon your inner Lotus và let your Twin Swords dance through the fight harvesting on fluid & fluttering energy of harmony and balance. Master your way up to lớn unlochồng powerful skills of true Dual Blade.

Last but not least, NCSoft is also adding a new dungeon, the Forest of Echoes.

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Great Darkness is oozing out of the Dawnspring Forest and only you can stop it from spreading before it reaches the Savan Village and turns all living creatures against each other.
Brave enough lớn head into the Forest of Echoes and purge Dark Energy? Keep the company tight! With this new four-player dungeon system now you only need four brave sầu souls, not six, to lớn seal up the bad juju and save the villagers.

Later this year, in November 2021, a redesigned Battle UI và a Breaker Gauge system will be introduced lớn Blade & Soul.






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