Brigandine: the legend of runersia review


Brigandine: The Legkết thúc of Runersia is out now, bringing PlayStation gamers a way to lớn scratch that much needed strategy RPG itch. Older PlayStation fans may recognize the name; Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena was released in nhật bản over 20 years ago for the PS1. It was one of those games that never made it to the Western market which makes this installment that much more exciting.

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This is the story of six nations battling for control of the continent. Some seek glory, others khổng lồ prove sầu their religion is the true religion of the Rune God. Well crafted storylines exist for these six armies. Drop dead gorgeous scenes are voiced over in Japanese with English subtitles. All of this makes for a pleasant backdrop to lớn the real meat of Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia: the gameplay.

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The battle for control of Runersia spans years.

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How many depends on which difficulty you select. If strategy games lượt thích this are your forte, Hard mode gives you two and a half years khổng lồ complete your quest. Or you can hit up Normal mode for five sầu years. Don’t worry. Each year consists of 24 seasons (or rounds). For the purposes of this review I played two modes. My first run was on Easy mode with the Holy Gustava Empire, an army with no special Brigandine powers on its side. Once I felt more comfortable, I bumped up things up khổng lồ Normal & chose Republic of Guimoule with their special Brigandine of Glory.


Nice variety of class types for Rune Knights I love sầu upgrading and equipping items on summoned units The jump in difficulty from Easy to Normal isn"t jarring

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