Optimizing breath of the wild


Breath of the Wild is a particularly demanding game for a lot of systems, so people have created modifications lớn help you get the best performance possible in the game.

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This game is much more demanding on your graphics thẻ than other Wii U titles. We recommend a more powerful GPU than the ones recommended on the trang chủ page, especially if you are interested in playing at higher resolutions và framerates.

# Installing Graphic Packs


If you're not sure what a Graphic Pack does, please clichồng on it và read the description before using it.

mở cửa the smarthack.vn applicationRight clichồng on The Legkết thúc of Zelda - Breath of the WildClick Edit graphics packsOn the bottom-right of the window, use the Download lathử nghiệm community graphic packs button

# Increasing FPS

Once the tải về has finished, navigate to lớn the Mods categorySelect and enable the FPS++ checkbox

By default, this is set to lớn 60FPS. This increases the smoothness of gameplay, however it can cause some issuesopen in new window. When these occur, simply mix the limit to lớn 30 until you've sầu gotten beyond the point where the issue occurs.

# Graphics và Enhancements

Minimize the mods categorySelect & enable the Graphics checkboxYou should see a thực đơn on the right half of the window, where you can edit graphical settingsAspect Ratio

Breath of the Wild runs on a 16:9 aspect ratio on the Wii U. If you have a monitor that isn’t 16:9, you may change the aspect ratio to match it in smarthack.vn.


If you have a more powerful GPU, you may be able to lớn change the resolution to a higher value, e.g. 1080p, 1440p (2K) or 2160p (4K).

For higher resolutions, consider using the Vulkan rendering API for increased performance. For lower resolution monitors, you can also mix your resolution lớn a higher value for a higher quality anti-aliasing effect, however this is very computationally expensive.

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Run the game with different resolutions lớn see which works best for you.


BOTW has anti-aliasing enabled by mặc định. If you would like khổng lồ use NVIDIA's implementation, or disable it entirely, you can switch khổng lồ that here. We recommend leaving this at the mặc định setting.


This setting changes the resolution of the shadows. Increasing it makes shadows sharper and more accurate, while decreasing it can gain performance while sacrificing quality.

Setting this to lớn 400% may cause some instabilities so we recommkết thúc a maximum of 300%.

Shadow Draw Distance

This setting changes the draw distance of the shadows. Increasing it makes shadows render further away, but can make shadows blurrier.

We recommkết thúc setting khổng lồ "Very High" to lớn increase draw distance without sacrificing too much shadow detail.

Once understanding what each setting does, we recommend you configure your own options. These settings should work for most people as a base however.

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