Harvest moon: back to nature

PlayStation (PS)
Natsume, Victor Interactive Software
Role-Playing, Simulator
December 16, 1999

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Harvest Moon: Baông xã to Nature is a live-action simulation game produced by Victor Interactive sầu Software & released on Playstation in 1999. Set in the same context as farm management games, spin games around the main character named by the player. The story is about a boy with a passion for agriculture since childhood. It was mostly inspired by the boy’s grandfather, who was always busy taking care of the farm rather than spending time with the boy. However, because he lived in the thành phố from a young age, the boy had to explore his town on his own with his grandfather’s only friend, the dog. Later, the boy met a girl his age and made friends with her, and the two became increasingly cchiến bại. When the summer was over, he had to return khổng lồ escape the bustling đô thị, but he promised his best friend that he would return someday. Ten years later, the boy became a grown man every year. He decided to lớn go bachồng lớn town lớn take care of his farm because his grandfather was gone. However, the farm was abandoned for too long, all the plants were withered, and the people here abandoned it. They gave sầu hyên ổn a chance khổng lồ restore the land for a period of five sầu.

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If that fails, he will be forced khổng lồ leave sầu.

At the beginning of the game, the main character will be given a small amount to lớn cover. The first challenge is lớn clear weeds và plant suitable crops và lớn build production facilities that tư vấn tools such as fertilizers và animal feed. With the characteristics of the farm simulation genre, players need to lớn take care of day after day to be effective sầu. Sometimes that will be a bit boring. The tools provided initially will not be as effective sầu as high time use, useless work at the same time. To improve sầu those things, players have sầu khổng lồ spend money to upgrade them in the store. The main gains are the speed of work and the energy required for the job. Energy is the basic element but also the most important element of the game. It affects most character activities và will decrease after each mission is completed. The more you bởi things, the more powerful your energy will drop, và the character will be deactivated for a while if the energy drops too much. The time it stops working after each power depletion will increase gradually after each. Therefore, players need to lớn use reasonable energy to avoid affecting work due khổng lồ the character being deactivated.

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