What's new in fifa 15 ultimate team


On Tuesday next week, September 23rd EA Sports'FIFA 15 will make its debut. If you're thought about picking up the lakiểm tra and greathử nghiệm football/soccer title, there are two editions for you khổng lồ consider: "Standard" và "Ultimate Team Edition".

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What's the difference, you say? Beyond price, it really boils down lớn how much of a FIFA người you are và how much time you have lớn devote. If you're a true bạn và know you're going to lớn get a great game, you might want to consider the Ultimate Edition, or if you're skeptical but want to lớn give 'er a shot, the Standard is a cheaper option to lớn get your feet wet, especially for the PC digital version.

Standard Edition $59.99 (or less)


Right off the bat, you'll notice the Standard Edition starts off $10 cheaper than the higher over "Ultimate Team Edition" no matter theplatsize. If your platform of choice is PC, digital retailer Green Man Gaming is running a 25% off promotional coupon code through Friday, September 19th, slashing a further $15 off that $59.99 MSRP..

Use Coupon: 9I47I9-ZOM38L-ZGV9KW

For those on the console (which includesXbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, và PS3versions of FIFA 15) the best pichồng is probably Best Buy, where you'll get a bonus $10 certificatein"My Best Buy" Rewards. Players that prefer GameStop as their store of choice will get an exclusive sầu 3 in-game celebration in lieu of the $10 rewards bonus offered at Best Buy.

Beyond the price break, here's what's included in the Standard Edition pre-order:

15 FUT Gold Packsadidas All-Star Team

15 FUT Gold Packs: Only available in the Standard Edition as a pre-order bonus. As long as you log in khổng lồ redeem them, you'll receive sầu 1 FUT Gold paông chồng per week for 15 weeks. If you were lớn purchase this digital content from Origin, it would cost $15, or $1 a FUT Gold Paông xã.

adidas All-Star Team: In Kick-Off mode, take commvà of the world's top class players and compete with the best.

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Ultimate Team Edition $69.99


If you're a true FIFA series tín đồ và plan on devoting time to lớn FIFA 15, you probably should consider the Ultimate Team Edition. While the Standard Edition pre-order gets you 15 FUT Gold Packs over 15 weeks, Ultimate gets you 40 FUT Gold Packs with one released every week – that's over 9 months of FUT Gold Packs! The only place lớn piông xã up the FIFA 15 "Ultimate Team Edition" on the PC is directly through EA's Origin Store, where you'll pay the full $69.99.

The Ultimate Team Edition is also available for the Xbox One, PS4 et al.Pre-ordering either any of the Ultimate Editionconsole version at Best Buy gets you a bonus $10 in "My Best Buy" Rewards. The UT edition claims khổng lồ come with $40 worth of goodies, including:

40 FUT Gold Packsadidas All-Star TeamMesđắm say FUT Loan Playeradidas Predator Boot BundleHistoric KitGoal Celebrations

Mesmê mệt FUT Loan Player: The game will offer a new loan-a-player feature. Specific details on loan process hasn't fully being released, but you'll have the option lớn put Lionel Mesđắm đuối on your team within the first five matches of your Ultimate Team chiến dịch.

adidas Predator Boot Bundle: Enter hàng hóa placement! If you're inkhổng lồ football, you might know adidas Predator Boot is known for their rubber patches or strips on the top of the shoe, designed to lớn increase friction between the boot & the ball (whether you'll actually perkhung better is another story). Getting the Ultimate Team Edition gets you pairs of these virtual boots from the Predator hàng hóa line & the EA SPORTS Football Club Catalog.

Historic Kit: Want lớn play in old kits from legendary club years? The Ultimate Team Edition gets you historic club kits for a wide variety of teams.

Goal Celebrations: Ultimate Team gets you 3 additional Goal celebrations: Kiss the Wrist, Stand Tall, và Flag Kiông xã.

Which FIFA 15 Edition Wins?

Which Edition should you pre-order? Obviously it's a subjective sầu answer, but right now the pre-order price break on the Standard Edition for PC probably makes it the better choice if you don't care about the platsize you play on (after all you can stichồng an Xbox controller on the PC and call it a day). Then again, if you're going khổng lồ purchase FUT Gold Packs like crazy (with real cash or coins bought with cash), you probably will be better off going with the Ultimate Team Edition with $40 worth of digital product lớn start with.

Our personal piông chồng is still the discounted Standard Edition or the pre-order $10 rewards from Best Buy, mostly becauseyou'll probably never get an insize card out of the 40 FUT Gold Packs given to youin the Ultimate Team Edition – but that's just our speculation
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