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TOPhường 10 GAME KINH DỊ HAY NHẤT | GAME MOBILE OFFLINE CHO ANDROIDDanh sách 10 Game ma tuyệt nhất:

Danh sách 10 Game kinh dị tốt nhất:

1. Horror Clown Pennywise – Scary Escape Game

T – Horror Clown Pennywise is a horror game. In this game, you play as Bill – the captain of Loser’s Club. After 27 years, IT has come bachồng. He kidnapped all of Bill’s friends. You must go lớn the house of IT to save sầu them.

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Link Download – Horror Clown Pennywise

Link Download – Horror Clown Pennywise APK free


2. CASE: Animatronics – Horror game

CASE: Animatronics is a truly scary và challenging first-person stealth horror. Control of the police department is in the hands of an anonymous hacker. All the exits are locked. 

Link Download – CASE: Animatronics

Link Download – CASE: Animatronics APK miễn phí

CASE: Animatronics APK MOD Life

CASE: Animatronics OBB

How lớn install CASE: Animatronics APK Mod

1. Download CASE: Animatronics_v1.3 MOD Life and file CASE: Animatronics OBB2. On your Android phone, open the downloaded tệp tin CASE: Animatronics_v1.3 MOD Life APK > Tap Install.3. Download và install APKMODY APK.4. Tap Install OBB -> Select CASE: Animatronics OBB ( Tap Select > Follow the steps on the screen.



SCP 096 modest – explore underground labs where experiments on people took place. Guard a room with the most dangerous mutant whose name is Modest. Prepare khổng lồ experience the most exciting emotions and feel real horror from the happening. Go down the abandoned underground labs & guard the most dangerous mutant. You are going to examine his room from time lớn time in order to lớn find cracks or damages. Be careful và don’t look inkhổng lồ his eyes in order not to cause fury và aggression. Make sure the prisoner does not escape since he always kills his victyên ổn in the moment of fury.

Link Download – SCP 096 MODEST APK free


4. House of Fear: Escape

House of fear – after attaông xã of a terrible ghost you opened your eyes in the locked camera. Whether will you be able to lớn find the way out & to rescue your friend, & at the same time & other people locked in this awful place?

Link Download – House of Fear: Escape APK free


5. Requiem by Erich Sann, an horror story

Requiem for Erich Sann: An Scary Puzzle Horror Game — atmospheric horror adventure game for Android devices. The main character moves to a new đô thị và his apartment is located opposite an abandoned music school. Every night from this terrible place sounds strange melody violin, which will be a anh hùng và hypnotizes. You were warned that all who came to lớn this school – did not come baông chồng, but your anh hùng does not stop & he goes on a journey.

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Your character is waiting for an incredible adventure of survival & he goes to an abandoned school lớn steal the violin. To do this, you have sầu khổng lồ help hyên explore the room và go through a variety of missions, but try to act as quietly as possible, otherwise the Ghost will find you.

Link Download – Requiem by Erich Sann Android

Link Download – Requiem by Erich Sann APK free

Requiem by Erich Sann APK MOD (Unlimited money/Stupid Bot)


6. Creepy Vision

Being held hostage by a mysterious dark dimension, the protagonist tries khổng lồ escape his personal prison, which is quite adaptive sầu to lớn his thoughts &, therefore, actions.

Link Download – Creepy Vision APK free  Creepy Vision Cađậy free 

How to lớn install Creepy Vision

1. Download APK tệp tin and cađậy.2. Allow the installation of applications from unknown sources in the settings (done once)3. Run the installation using the tệp tin Manager (usually the downloaded files are placed in the Download folder)4. Copy the cađậy thư mục from the downloaded archive to the SD/Android/obb/ directory on your phone using the file Manager. The result will be SD/Android/obb/cache_folder/file *obb


7. Nightmare Legends 

Nightmare Legends: Escape – The Horror Game, fascinating horror on Android, with puzzle elements. In this game you will try khổng lồ escape from the grandmother’s mansion where the ancient evil wanders that wants khổng lồ kill you. Explore the many and varied rooms of the house and behave as quietly as possible because evil can hear any noise. Solve numerous puzzles và tasks of the game and find the items you need…

Link Downoad – Nightmare Legends APK miễn phí Nightmare Legends Cabít free


8. Granny: Chapter Two

Granny: Chapter Two — the continuation và in some ways a new stage of development, a fascinating narrative of the misadventures of another protagonist, who are not lucky enough lớn be visiting is not very hospitable grandma. Everything else in this part to lớn join her grandfather. He can’t hear very well, but he hits right on the spot. Similar properties inappropriate complement the features of the original villains. That significantly increases the màn chơi of complexity of the passage. Gamers will have sầu only 5 days to plan & organize an escape from the terrible house. Otherwise it will be too late. And of course, & the eyes of monsters come across as not recommended.

Link Downoad – Granny: Chapter Two

Link Downoad – Granny: Chapter Two APK free Granny Chapter Two APK Mod (Mod immortality)


9. Evil Nun : Scary Horror trò chơi Adventure

Evil Nun – horror on android, where you will explore the school where ghosts live sầu. An evil & terrible nun locked you at school for the night and now you have sầu nothing left to lớn vị but to uncover the whole plot và learn the secrets of the nun. Explore all the classrooms & corridors of the school & try to lớn make as little noise as possible, because the nun hears you & can easily figure out where you are. Hide in secret places and solve difficult problems and puzzles that will allow you lớn leave the school walls as quickly as possible…

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