In addition to killing things dead, Kisuke và Momohime will be doing a lot of blade forging và cooking. There are two types, blades và long blades, that follow typical fighting properties: blades are quicker but with a shorter range, long blades are slower but tkết thúc to cause higher damage và can reach further. Blade forging is presented in a branching layout, requiring you to have sầu certain ones in order to lớn forge others, và you’ll need souls & spirit khổng lồ craft new weaponry. Souls are scattered throughout the map và are left behind by fallen foes, with spirit gained through cooking và eating.Quý khách hàng đã xem: Muramasa: the demon blade (nintenvì chưng wii, 2009) for sale

Cooking is an oddly hands-on thing; pichồng a recipe you have sầu the ingredients for & press


Mon 21st Sep 2009

Do Want!


Mon 21st Sep 2009

My only complaint is the price tag. I rented the game, loved it - but it"s clearly a 30 dollar title. 50 dollars is way high for a game lượt thích this.

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Mon 21st Sep 2009

After reading a few reviews this has made it"s way khổng lồ my "rent not own" các mục. Drop dead gorgeous though.

Mon 21st Sep 2009

I will be picking this one up on way trang chính from work today!Didn"t piông xã it up, but I did get it as a gift for Christmas from my friend.

Mon 21st Sep 2009

Man I really think this game is like a 9. The bachồng tracking và "button-mashing" is nothing when your addicted khổng lồ sword creation, leveling up, and getting lớn the next boss.

Mon 21st Sep 2009

I just looked at the number without reading the Review, I want to lớn know as little as possible about this one. Can"t wait to lớn get an EU release date!

Awesome review btw.

Mon 21st Sep 2009

Alphanerd, $30 game?!, are you kidding!? The amount of love sầu poured into this game easily warrants a $50 price tag. Also, Jonathan, the fast travel is available in the main game prior to lớn "beating" it with a character. But I find the traveling to be a very Zen experience of artistic & natural appreciation, as well as more opportunity to lớn level

Mon 21st Sep 2009

Yeah I agree with 8/10, maybe even 7/"s an awesome game, but yeah the storyline is ridicutarded, it"s a bit too short, the sword tree is super linear, và there are just a few moments of questionable game kiến thiết choice. But yeah, about to lớn finish Momohime"s quest và I had a great time. Then baông chồng to FuSoYa"s quest in FF4TAY, then the rest of the main!

Mon 21st Sep 2009

Nothing in the reviews that discourages me from purchasing it. Don"t lượt thích the choice of button for jump. Why not A to lớn jump & B to combat?

Mon 21st Sep 2009

This is another example of great graphics, no so great gameplay. The art is sweet, but it has plenty of problems. I"d say around the 7/10 range, myself.

Mon 21st Sep 2009

"I hate "up" as a jump button.There is no way khổng lồ customize controls in this game?"

Actually, I"d love sầu lớn hear this also. Pressing up khổng lồ jump isn"t something I"m keen on either... so alternate control schemes would be nice.

Mon 21st Sep 2009

Cheers Jonathan, this Reviews has me as amped up as much as ever & I appreciate that you are clear regarding the backtracking, endings and slightly basic combat controls. Fair play. That is all cool khổng lồ me, an 8/10 is a unique score và I will play through this one just lớn experience its fun gameplay. I also know that I will enjoy travelling through "one of the best-looking games this gen", it looks completely dazzling.Thanks, a great đánh giá.

Mon 21st Sep 2009

........bad review....i"m giving you one hour lớn explain to lớn me what a niggle is. I refuse khổng lồ look for context clues or online for a defintion.

SeanAaron an EU release would be cool, but King of Fighters và Samurai Showdown collections never did show up from Ignition in any proper numbers, and they were released in March this year...Ristar42 You"re right, I was fortunate enough khổng lồ find King of Fighters on pal PS2, but Samurai Shodown Anthology is a rarity.Mon 21st Sep 2009

Saying the game is flawed in the first three words of the đánh giá is not a way lớn convince someone that a game is good, as an 8/10 is trying lớn vì chưng. When people see such a negative bình luận so early on it overshadows all positive things could ever be mentioned, there is no coming baông chồng from that. I bet dozens of people will not even consider buying this game because of that single word. In the reviews the only "flaws" pointed out are rather small nitpicks, not game breaking problems as is implied. IMO that word should be stricken from the nhận xét, but other than that, I agree with what was written.

Simply an awesome game và should be bought by all self-respecting Wii owners!

JamieO - Yep, it sucks, I"ve sầu never seen the Wii version of either except on Ebay. I contacted Ignition some time ago but they didn"t reply. Have to lớn stiông chồng with my Dreamcast / Saturn versions...Mon 21st Sep 2009

Hi, I"m from Rising Star Games - we intkết thúc lớn release Muramasa on 13 November 2009 in the EU.

Mon 21st Sep 2009

this is one of the best games all year on the wii và the most beautiful 2d game ever

Syr post 23:Is it hard being so over the top? Those 3 words you"re talking about also included gorgeous & engaging. Get a grip.The Fox Actually, it comes quite easily. To say it is flawed after saying it is gorgeous & engaging is lượt thích saying "Yeah, I had this sandwich. It had great ingredients và looked gourmet, but wasn"t very good." To end a description negatively is to dismiss the good things said prior.

Nothing against the reviewer though, great work Jonathan!

Tue 22nd Sep 2009

Complaining about the sword tree being lớn linear is retarded. Theres a HUNDRED freaking swords và the bởi it in lượt thích 7 rows. Its only as linear as you make it.

The length isn"t amazing but if you did it with no side quests you"d probably beat it in 12 hours. Thats a hell of a lot better then you"d get from other games. I know you"ve sầu bought a game you enjoyed less, beaten in 6 hours, & aren"t regretting buying. (WiiMusic)

And at least the story line is more interesting the Twilight Princess.

Xem thêm: Tai Game 5 Anh Em Siêu Nhân 3, Download Game 5 Anh Em Siêu Nhân

Ristar42: TorisuRSG beat me to it, but Ignition UK and USA are not identical in their releases & Rising Star are handling Muramasa over here. The problems with the titles you mention are down to lớn distribution; I"d keep going at Ignition & also try or .se as I understvà availability on the continent should be fine.

TorisuRSG: Nice khổng lồ see you! Needless to lớn say Rising Star is one of my very favourite publishers. GAME doesn"t have sầu Muramasa up for pre-order yet or I"d have sầu pre-ordered it already. Any idea on when we can expect Fragile lớn grace our shores và pretty please can you guys consider Phantom Brave sầu for localisation (even better would be if you could convince Nintenvì chưng lớn license Captain Rainbow!)?

SeanAaron Cheers Sean, some great advice on getting hold of some difficult to lớn find Ignition UK, Wii SNK/Playmore titles there.I have sầu not imported from other European sites, even though I import from Canadomain authority và Hong Kong. I seem khổng lồ remember UK gamers talking about importing Pal "Fire Pro Wrestling Returns" (PS2) from other parts of Europe. I think that I"ve misssed the boat on that one, though. Cheers.Sean Aaron, thanks for your kind words. We intend lớn release Fragile early 2010 but I can"t yet be any more specific than that, sorry. I"ll pass on the game suggestions but no promises! Tue 22nd Sep 2009

I"d waffle & maybe give it a 7 instead of an 8...a) Yes, it"s gorgeousb) The button mashing is pretty func) The stories suchồng. Period. Confusing, I have NO CLUE why I"m doing what I"m doing right now as the girl.d) You have sầu to switch swords too frequently. Just as you are starting to lớn get used to lớn one"s special attack, you need a stronger one. Some I"ve sầu never even gotten lớn use their special attackse) Some of the special attacks are virtually uselessf) There"s bad collision detection when you swing your swordg) Related to lớn d), there"s NO PRACTICE MODE. You can"t chạy thử out moves & combos, và can"t learn what a new special attachồng does until you are in the heat of combat.

Tue 22nd Sep 2009

And yeah, I actually agree that the sword tree is linear. Despite it"s "branches", you have to wait for story points for most of them, và there is rarely more than 1 or 2 swords you can make (or at least use) at any given time because the required stats for them are so spread out

TorisuRSG: Please, you guys deserve sầu it for doing such a great job with that stuff. Of course it probably helps that Marvelous has been publishing great games in nhật bản for you to lớn bring over!

I strongly recommend getting that guy from the Little King"s Story đoạn phim more work -- not just because he"s an articulate & good-looking fellow, but because his enthusiasm really came through and sold me the game. I was interested but not ready to buy upon release; after that Clip I pre-ordered it right away!

SeanAaron Thanks for the suggestions Sean, its frustrating when you are trying to lớn support quality 2 chiều games on Wii, và you cant find them anywhere amid shelves of "Ready Steady Cook" and "Ninja Bread-man". Wed 23rd Sep 2009

I might give it a rent. I was afraid that the combat would be too mashy, although with THAT many different weapons, it may not be much of a problem. It"s the art that so far has physically blinded me everytime I watch a trailer that"s the main issue here.

SeanAaron bởi vì you mean Tyrone Walcott? He"s one of my colleagues & I keep trying to persuade hyên to lớn vị more videos. Hopefully he will now I"ve sầu shown hyên ổn your comment!

Ristar42 many thanks - I"m sure you will enjoy it.

Sat 26th Sep 2009

i must get it now

Sat 26th Sep 2009

I got this game & it"s incredible. Muramasa is the Wii"s Symphony of the Night.

Sun 4th Oct 2009

After watching a decent portion of the gameplay, I am seriously considering renting this game.

And am I the only one who doesn"t lượt thích the look of this game? The movement and animations just seem awkward khổng lồ me, and I hate the artsyle.

Wed 2nd Dec 2009

Just bought this today, got my Datel classic controller hooked up & I gotta say I’m loving it so far, if you’re on the fence about this game, and you lượt thích a good 2D platforming adventure just buy it!

Mon 7th Dec 2009

This is the most boring game I"ve sầu played this year. No need to be crude about it - Moderating team

Mon 14th Dec 2009

i just bought this from hmv! for £30 pounds. and i love sầu it và i think it deserve sầu at least 9/10. Hmv is only place ive seen this game và there were only two copys in store? No one seems khổng lồ be stocking this game & its bloody shame! This out-rates all them half baked titles that are two short or khổng lồ crammed with tons rubbish mini games & pointless waggling! Games lượt thích this are unique & deserve attention!! & should be in your collection!

bởi vì yourself favour get this now!!

Mon 14th Dec 2009

This is another one of the many games on my "to lớn buy" list--sadly, it"ll have sầu khổng lồ wait a while...

Great review, by the way.

Fri 5th Feb 2010

Well, for those saying it should be a $30 dollar game, Gamestop now sells it for 29.99 new.

Fri 5th Mar 2010

Just found this on clearance at Sears for $19.99 & picked it up. For that price point, I"m sure it"s well worth it.

Mon 23rd Jul 2012

I got it a few days ago for just 10$! I think it"s a really good game & the graphics are amazing Thu 30th Aug 2012Meh. I bought this a while ago for £25 (also from HMV) on the strength of Review but have sầu ended up disappointed. Sure, it"s beautiful lớn look at và competent to play, but it"s gameplay is as hollow as a drinking straw...extremely repetitive và with precious little variety except for boss get a whole bunch of different swords khổng lồ use but combat is pretty much the same with all of them...button bash and jump around when you need to lớn. A real shame, as I usually lượt thích games of this genre & really wanted khổng lồ like this too, but ultimately I wouldn"t award this anything higher than a 6 (or a being-generous 7).

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