Neighbours from hell 2: on vacation download


Neighbours from Hell 2: On Vacation is the second installment of the series telling about the adventures of two neighbors. This downloadable game is the successor of Neighbors from Hell: Revenge Is a Sweet trò chơi. The main character of the game is Woody, whose purpose is to annoy his neighbor và the neighbor’s mother and girlfrikết thúc. The studio responsible for the production of the game is the Austrian studio JoWooD Entertainment AG. It is also known for such hits as Arcania, Gothic, Spellforce và Alien Nations. The title was released on March 4, 2004, and is available on the PCs running Windows.

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How to lớn Download Neighbours from Hell 2: On Vacation

The game is available for tải về from the Steam platsize as part of the Neighbors from Hell Compilation. Neighbors from Hell 2 can also be downloaded from GOG. There is also a completely không tính tiền kiểm tra for you to lớn grab.

The trò chơi Plot

The story is about two neighbors, one of whom decides khổng lồ go on a well-deserved vacation. As his arch-enemy we can not miss the opportunity khổng lồ make life difficult for hyên, so we paông xã our suitcases quickly và phối out on a cruise ship to get our pranks rolling. As in the first installment of the game, also in the sequel, our alặng is to annoy the vicious neighbor – Mr. Rottweiler. The name fully reflects his anatomy và character.

This time we will travel with hyên ổn on a journey around the world, during which we will prepare our traps. We will also the pleasure lớn meet our enemy’s mother – Mrs. Rottweiler, & his girlfriend – Olga with her her son – Junior.

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The game mechanics resemble a point và cliông chồng adventure with some elements of stealth and puzzle games. At each of the stages, & there are as many as 14, our goal is to lớn collect the necessary items & cleverly combine them khổng lồ create traps. Our pranks can be executed in special sequences that make adversary increasingly furious. To avoid detection, we will have khổng lồ avoid being seen by our enemy and use the system of simple hiding places. When our character is discovered it means getting beaten up & losing one life. The game developers have prepared a number of interesting và diverse looking locations. During our adventure, we will be going to lớn Đài Loan Trung Quốc, India or Mexiteo. The game follows the same pattern as its predecessor. Our hero’s actions are the being watched by the viewers of a TV reality show.

Neighbors From Hell 2: On Vacation – the Graphics

The carefully drawn locations, no doubt will remind us of their real-life counterparts. The redesigned cartoon graphics và caricatural characters fit perfectly the bizarre nature of the game. The Neighbors From Hell 2 world is drawn in pseudo-3 chiều. The backgrounds are 2 chiều, while the characters three-dimensional.

The chất lượng gameplay & original humor make this game extremely attractive. Some of the puzzles will require a longer time to reflect upon, and completing some levels with the highest score possible will be a real challenge.






Neighbors From Hell 2: On Vacation is the sequel lớn the well-received famous strategy game. Get it right now & unleash a storm of pranks on your neighbor.

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