Nemesis of the roman empire

PublishersEnlight Software, FX Interactive
DevelopersHaemimont Games
Release date2003
GenreStrategy, Role-playing
Game rating

Bạn đang xem: Nemesis of the roman empire

Game Description

Nemesis of the Roman Empire is a real-time strategy role-playing Clip game developed by Haemimont Games & published by Enlight Software. The sequel to lớn Celtic Kings: Rage of War, the game is set in the Punic Wars & allows the player khổng lồ take control of one of four nations, as well as Hannibal the Great.

We might have sầu the game available for more than one platsize. Nemesis of the Roman Empire is currently available on these platforms:

Windows (2003) (486.5MB) (484.7MB)

How to lớn play on Windows (Preinstalled)

Download and Extract Nemesis_of_the_Roman_Empire_Win_Preinstalled_EN.zipRun “tpw.exe”Play the game

How khổng lồ play on Windows (Install method)

Download and Extract Nemesis_of_the_Roman_Empire_Win_Setup_EN.zipRun “Nemesis of the Roman Empire.exe” và follow on-screen instructions to lớn install the gamePlay the game

Additional files, patches & fixes

Nemesis of the Roman Empire Windows Manual (English)

Nemesis of the Roman Empire Windows ReadMe (English)

Nemesis of the Roman Empire Screenshots



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