Rise of the tomb raider pc: cheap but is it worth it?

When we last saw Lara Croft, she was growing out of being a victim. A victyên ổn of fate, of other people’s aggression, of her own uninspired previous playable incarnations. She’s still growing, but she’s different now.

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For most of Rise of the Tomb Raider, the second installment of a rebooted Tomb Raider series, Lara Croft doesn’t go around being scared. She still faces down overwhelming odds, grapples with doubt, & absorbs a ton of trauma. The newest iteration of the iconic video game heroine displays less fumbly panic than she did in 2013’s Tomb Raider. There are more moments of steely determination và fewer moments where she pauses to psych herself up. She knows what she’s capable of—she hasn’t forgotten that one time she wiped out a supernatural army, climbed a mountain, & took down a sun god. It feels lượt thích she’s grown.

That feeling of growth is a key factor in this sequel. For Rise of the Tomb Raider to succeed, it needs to convince players that Lara has matured, but that she still has more growing lớn do. Yet the changes in a new installment can’t be too radical, lest this Lara become unrecognizable to lớn old & new fans.

Rise of the Tomb Raider tells the story of young Lara Croft, alone in a dangerous place, exploring ruins, solving puzzles, and shooting lots of guys with flaming arrows. It combines hunter/gatherer elements—where you need khổng lồ scavenge for the stuff you need to lớn survive sầu or make weapons—with a set of melee and ranged combat with pickaxes, guns or a bow và arrow.

Rise opens yet again with Lara searching for proof of a time-lost civilization. This time, however, her motivations come from a deeply personal place. Before he died, Lara’s father was on a quest to find the Divine Source—an artifact said khổng lồ grant eternal life—và the apocryphal Prophet who performed miracles with its power. Lara’s continuation of his work is directly linked to lớn her desire khổng lồ restore respectability to the Croft name—her father’s name. Her travels take her lớn a snow-swept mountain range in Siberia where she comes into lớn conflict with a mysterious organization named Trinity, whose paramilitary goons are also looking for the Divine Source. Hello, cannon fodder.

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Crystal Dynamics’ lakiểm tra effort at a Tomb Raider game benefits from smartly imagining the psychological underpinnings of both its heroes and villains. Just as Lara is trying to lớn contkết thúc with her father’s legacy, the main bad guy’s thirst for power is likewise driven by very personal reasons. There are moments that you feel lượt thích you’re fighting against a screwed-up worldview & not just a bunch of artificially-intelligent mannequins.

Rise of the Tomb Raider tweaks the gameplay formula established in its 2013 predecessor. There’s a new crafting system that has Lara constantly foraging for resources that she can use to make ammo, equipment or bandages. Once she has enough resources, she can craft what she needs on the go. The player holds down the left bumper và can craft, mid-action. So, collecting deathcap mushrooms lets her make poison arrows that release a fatal gas. Similarly, other new craftable items increase the ability lớn silently skulk through encounters if you want. If loud, messy combat engagement is your thing, then you can quickly turn bottles và cans into molotovs & hand grenades.

Lara’s newly improved abilities are a direct reflection of how much effort you put into lớn exploring the gameworld. As her skills increase, her ability khổng lồ spot resources và read the world gets more powerful. Lara buffs her mastery of ancient languages by finding murals and improves her arsenal & equipment by amassing exotic animal hides. Other combat upgrades let you pull off feats lượt thích multiple headshots at once with the bow. The way that ROTTR’s mechanics are structured feeds inkhổng lồ the overall sense of growing or maturing.

Aside from its opening chapters, Rise of the Tomb Raider is set around the geothermal valley in Siberia where Lara & Trinity have tracked the Divine Source. It’s a gorgeously layered landscape that feels more like an open world than the terrain of the 2013 game. Whether snowy or lushly green, the terrain feels alive, teeming with plant-based resources or animals to lớn stalk (or flee). Aside from scads of posthumous testimonials about the history of its events & fiction, the game also teases players with optional tombs. The entrances to these tombs are secreted away and you’ll need to lớn apply some extra effort to even find them. Once you find these tombs, you’ll be faced with a single physics-based environmental puzzle—familiar to lớn longtime Tomb Raider fans. But you’ll need lớn navigate through various section of the tombs to lớn trigger various elements necessary khổng lồ their solution. As a result, they wind up feeling bigger và more significant.

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The game’s also got side missions—given lớn you by actual in-world quest-givers—that grant you new tools/weapons, like a lock pichồng và crafting tool. You can also use in-game currency to obtain some of these weapons và equipment from the supply shachồng that opens up in the first third of the game.


Editor’s Note: We’ve sầu refreshed this reviews for năm 2016 khổng lồ coincide with the release of the game on PC. In the time between when we first reviewed it last November and now, we’ve revised our approach to lớn review and removed YES/NO recommendations from our summary cards. The card above is one of the new ones; you can view the game’s original “YES” thẻ here.

This is an enjoyable sequel and the reason it’s very fun is because it feels upgraded in nearly every way. When I tried for stealthier approaches in the 2013 Tomb Raider, the results felt haphazard. In this game, I was able to plan and exedễ thương better, thanks lớn a plethora of options that let you blind or poison enemies from afar. The feeling of being a cunning predator was a welcome change for me, especially after enduring the emotional rawness of the last Tomb Raider. Another thing I liked about Rise of the Tomb Raider is how it constantly rewards your curiosity. If you head lớn a seemingly innocuous cliff or stop & take in your surroundings with Lara’s survival instinct, you’ll almost always find a resource or collectible waiting for you. I leaned hard on Lara’s survival instinct because Rise of the Tomb Raider is the kind of game where I didn’t want to lớn miss a thing.

I played Rise of the Tomb Raider much like I did its predecessor: almost exclusively with the bow và arrow và as stealthily as my patience would allow. This time around, however, I didn’t feel like a trembly twentysomething, scared of every shadow. I felt more lượt thích a hunter and explorer, systematically taking down enemies và challenges. That said, I didn’t like having to unloông chồng the same suite of weapons as in the last game. Lara knew how to counter enemies và persize quiông chồng stealth kills in the last game—why should she have lớn re-learn it now?

Unlike the Tomb Raider game from two years ago, Rise doesn’t have sầu any competitive sầu multiplayer. Instead, it offers another gambit geared to entice players to keep returning to the game. The Expeditions feature lets you play remixed chunks of the story campaign in one of four modes—Chapter Replay, Chapter Replay Elite, Score Attack or Remnant Resistance.

In Remnant Resistance, you can create custom five-part missions by picking specific objectives, loadouts & time of day. Once you finish one of these missions, your friends will be challenged khổng lồ vì chưng the same.


Completing Expeditions missions earns credits and winnings can be increased by using collectible cards as modifiers khổng lồ increase difficulty, grant buffs và add challenge objectives.


So, a Lobotomy challenge tasks players khổng lồ notch five sầu headshots with the bow & arrow & using a Big Head card on enemies swells their craniums makes their torsos and limbs more resistant to lớn damage. The credits you earn in Expeditions can be used lớn buy more card packs for increased variability in the missions you create. I enjoyed the handful of Expeditions missions I took on & the feature feels like a clever way of re-jiggering the work that’s already in the game.

Rise of the Tomb Raider’s greademo success is in how it encourages exploration, which in turn makes you feel more connected lớn its fictional world. Every hapless corpse in the frozen Russian wastes is a reminder that Lara’s moving through a place that’s killed many others. As I played, she came across as increasingly gifted, with enough spirit và ingenuity khổng lồ find ways to lớn see herself through to lớn the other side. This Lara isn’t a wide-eyed newcomer, nor is she a flinty veteran. She’s somewhere in between. Rise of the Tomb Raider makes me want lớn follow her where she goes next.

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