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Shazam vs. Superman: Who Would Win In A Fight? Superman & Shazam have sầu had some epic battles over the years – but which one of these god-like beings would really win in a fight?

Shazam vs Superman fight
Superman is a Kryptonian who gained god-màn chơi powers under Earth’s yellow sun. Shazam is an ordinary boy who became mystically empowered by literal gods after meeting a wizard. Both of these powerful beings have sầu clashed in some epic battles, but which one of them would truly win in a fight when both are at their maximum power?

Although fans will inevitably back their favorite supernhân vật, it’s worth taking a closer look at their greatest confrontations as well as a focused look at the way their powers have developed to lớn see which hero would come out on top in a no-holds barred fight with each at his greathử nghiệm level of power.

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When thinking about Superman and Shazam’s greachạy thử fights, one cannot ignore their epic battle in Mark Waid & Alex Ross’ celebrated miniseries Kingdom Come. Set in an alternate future where Billy Batson had grown inkhổng lồ an adult, Shazam – still going by the name Captain Marvel, had been brainwashed by Lex Luthor who used a mind controlling worm inside Billy Batson’s brain khổng lồ make hlặng comply with his orders. This gave Lex a powerful pawn to lớn employ against Superman’s forces when he sent Captain Marvel lớn break open Superman’s metahuman prison, the Gulag.

Superman and Captain Marvel confront each other, who manages to lớn keep Superman occupied when the freed Gulag prisoners run rampant. Although Superman is even more powerful in this alternate future than his modern-day counterpart, Captain Marvel’s magic lightning manages to lớn hurt him until Superman makes the lightning bolt strike Marvel, reverting hyên to lớn Billy Batson.

Ultimately, Superman flies off khổng lồ stop a nuclear warhead from killing the metahumans. Momentarily freed of Luthor’s brainwashing, Captain Marvel decides khổng lồ use his lightning khổng lồ detonate the bomb himself. Although he & many metahumans die in the explosion, Marvel’s act managed to leave sầu many metahumans alive, giving humanity và the remaining superhumans a chance khổng lồ reconcile.

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Superman and Shazam (still going by Captain Marvel) had another epic clash in the animated series Justice League Unlimited in the appropriately-titled “Clash” episode. Once again, Captain Marvel was mix up by Lex Luthor, who manipulated him into fighting with Superman. While the two combatants seemed equally matched in terms of strength and speed, Captain Marvel gained an edge when he started blasting Superman with his magic lightning. Once again, however, Superman let the lightning hit Marvel & depower hyên ổn – putting a hvà over his mouth before he could shout “Shazam!” và transform again.

Superman Fights Shazam
Based on these two incidents, it would appear that Superman would come out on top in a fight with Shazam. Indeed, if we took both combatants at their maximum level of power, Superman could very well gain even greater strength và power than Shazam, especially if he decided to enhance his powers by exposing himself to lớn the rays of a xanh sun. At his maximum potential, Superman’s strength is apparently limitless & likely greater than Shazam’s “Strength of Hercules.”

However, there’s one important thing to consider. Superman – no matter how powerful he might become – is still vulnerable to lớn magic. Indeed, even though Superman was at an incredible level of power in Kingdom Come & had even become immune khổng lồ Kryptonite after decades of absorbing solar radiation, he was still incredibly vulnerable khổng lồ Captain Marvel/Shazam’s magic lightning, & would most likely have sầu been defeated if he hadn’t been able lớn turn Captain Marvel baông chồng inkhổng lồ Billy Batson.

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The same was true in “Clash.” Both Superman and Captain Marvel seemed capable of taking whatever the other threw at him – until Captain Marvel began striking Superman with his magic lightning. The lightning blasts actually succeeded in blackening the Man of Steel’s invulnerable skin and seemed on the verge of knocking hyên out – until Superman grabbed Captain Marvel và made the lightning hit hlặng, reverting hyên lớn Billy Batson.

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It’s interesting khổng lồ note that Shazam’s lightning seems particularly well suited to harming the Man of Steel, which isn’t necessarily true of all magic lightning. Superman actually managed khổng lồ wield the power of lightning in a JLA/Avengers crossover when he proved worthy of lifting Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. Granted, he may have sầu been more vulnerable to Mjolnir’s lightening if Thor had been the one using Mjolnir, but either way, Shazam’s lightning doesn’t seem to give sầu Superman any of the benefits it gives Billy Batson.

The question then becomes – can Billy use his magic lightning as a weapon without having it turn hyên ổn bachồng into his mortal form? Surprisingly, the answer appears khổng lồ be yes. In Justice League #0, a rebooted Billy Batson learns he must say the word “Shazam!” with good intentions in order for the magic to work và the lightning lớn come down. He later learns he can use his lightning for purposes other than just transforming inkhổng lồ a superhero and even learns to lớn use it as an offensive sầu weapon.

The movie Shazam! also established that Billy doesn’t even have sầu to shout “Shazam!” at all to lớn use the lightning – he can just shoot it from his “lightning hands.” Thus, even if he faced off against the most powerful version of Superman, Shazam (also in his most powerful form) could exploit Superman’s great weakness lớn magic by simply blasting hlặng repeatedly with magic lightning. If the lightning was coming directly from Shazam’s body toàn thân (& not from the sky), Superman wouldn’t be able lớn use it to turn Shazam baông xã into lớn Billy (which appears to be the only real defense he had against Shazam in their earlier fights).

Given that most of Superman và Shazam’s past fights have sầu resulted in a win for Superman, this outcome might cause some fans to scratch their heads. However, thanks to all the changes Shazam has gone through recently through DC’s constant reboots, his powers have sầu also evolved to a level where he’s not just Superman’s equal – he’s one of the few superheroes with a power that Superman can’t defend against. Although this hasn’t been presented in the comics, movies, or cartoons yet, if Shazam really wanted to lớn, he could easily fry the Man of Steel. Sorry, Superman.

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