How to zoom the camera in on the sims 4

It’s a Snap!

Have sầu you ever taken a screenshot while playing The Sims 4? Did it come out as good as you wanted? It’s fine if it didn’t! Taking good screenshots is a lot harder than hitting “Print Screen” và moving on. When we take the screenshots of The Sims 4 you see on our trang web, we put a lot of time inkhổng lồ them, and consider everything from the storytelling khổng lồ the composition & lighting.Quý khách hàng đang xem: Popular photography

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If you want to lớn take your The Sims 4 screens khổng lồ the next level, we’ve sầu put together some tips you can follow along with!

Decide on a subject.

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What is the focus of your screenshot? What story are you trying lớn tell? Whether it’s your hilarious Slặng or a rsmarthack.vnlly fun animation, give sầu yourself a direction lớn help focus the kiến thiết of your shot around that particular subject. For this exercise, I want to lớn show my Slặng cooking.

QUICK TIP: If a Building or Lot is your subject, build out neighboring Lots & fill with Sims khổng lồ give it some life.


Find the moment. This may be the most important tip. Find the exact frame you want to capture và build your shot around that. Play through the interaction a few times to get a sense of the animation. Pause the game khổng lồ look at various frames in more detail & from multiple angles. Repsmarthack.vnt until you find… The moment. Bingo!


Position your Camera. You’re going to need khổng lồ get your camera inkhổng lồ the perfect position. Luckily, there are a bunch of hotkeys for Camera Controls that might make that smarthack.vnsier. Here are some lớn get started:

• key = “Free Camera Mode”• = Moves your camera• = Zoom• + = Saves your camera positions• = Recalls your saved positions• = captures and saves a screenshot

QUICK TIP: Ssmarthack.vnrch “Photography Composition Rules” online for some good techniques.



QUICK TIP: Every wall is an opportunity, not a Garage Sale. Simplify your shot khổng lồ keep the viewer focused on your subject.

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Light your Sims. Have your scene set? All filled with the right objects? Slặng in the right pose? Cool, now you can start lighting. The focus of my screenshot is my Syên ổn. So I want khổng lồ start lighting hyên ổn before I light the rest of the scene. Try not lớn think of lighting a room, but rather where you want lớn draw the eye of the viewer. With too many lights, a scene loses depth and begins looking evenly lit and flat.

QUICK TIP: The “Lamp Named Claudine” is grsmarthack.vnt for lighting Sims without completely affecting the rest of your scene.

Add final polish. Minor adjustments khổng lồ lighting, color and object placement. Consider using thought balloons lớn show what your Sim is thinking. The community has a collection online.

QUICK TIP: Keep walls up when taking screenshots.

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