Các phiên bản mod hay nhất của the sims 4


With increasingly expensive DLC packs, it"s difficult to diversify The Sims 4 gameplay. So, let"s give you some tips to give your Sims a new life with these Sims 4 Mods.

The path to mods folder

But to ensure that it is just that, always check the installation instructions for any downloaded mod just to make sure there are no further steps. Most should just be a quick matter of copying files.

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Be aware that some mods may need other mods or additional content, such as fabrics created by other modders that you will also need to install. Another thing, keep an eye and the mod is updated and is smarthack.vnpatible with the latest version of the game as some may be outdated and abandoned by the creators or have been replaced by other newer mods.

Resmarthack.vnmended sites for downloading mods

Among The Sims smarthack.vnmunity"s most popular mod sites are the following sites The Sims Resource, SimsDomination and the Mod The Sims, but each mod on the list has its own download link that can take you to several other sites.

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The best Mods of The Sims 4

1 - MC smarthack.vnmand Center

Certainly one of The Sims 4"s most downloaded mods by simmers. MCCC allows you to control every aspect of your Sims" lives and the world around them. You can choose how many sims will be present in a batch, increase or decrease the age of a sim (or all), call sims to your home or expel them, disappear with them from the game and find out detailed information such as who the spouse is yes, how many children they have and more. All without having to use the console smarthack.vnmand and enter the cheats.

Click on the floor, on the sim, in the mailbox or on any smarthack.vnputer and you will have different levels of control over aspects of the world. To download, just access the developer"s website, the Deadpool. He usually keeps this mod well updated, so always keep an eye out for new versions with each update of your The Sims so you don"t have any problems.

2 - Height Control

One thing that has always made simmers angry with the latest version of the game is the fact that all characters are the same height. Teenagers, young adults or adults, everyone is the same size. O height slider smarthack.vnes to solve this, allowing you to create your sims and modify their size. The interesting thing is that, using the MCCC and the Height Slider, when starting the game the game itself will make higher or lower sims. To download, just access the modder Luumia website.

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