Angry birds fight!

Angry Birds Fight!

Developer: RovioPublishers: Rovio, Kiteretsu Inc.

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Platforms: iOS, AndroidReleased internationally: January 20, 2015

This game has debugging material.


This game is defunct.Do note the game no longer works at all without modifications. This is most likely due to the game"s servers being shut down. As a result, further official developments with the game are unlikely to lớn happen.

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Angry Birds Fight! is a Match-3 battler built off the Cocos2d engine. The game was somewhat favorable & even allowed you lớn play as some minion pigs!

Internal Project Name

The game"s assets & library code mention bk, but also mention BirdKeeper, meaning the project was likely named Birdkeeper at some point in development.

Debug Options


To do:Is there a way to enable this, or is it just a graphic? No, this game was discontinued but never tested.

A Debug Options panel is present in the game"s files based off the directory: assets/hd/Debug/ & library code.


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